About Us

Mission Statement

The Bemidji Community Food Shelf is a faith-based, caring place that listens to those who are experiencing food insecurity. We work with our partners to be inclusive and to provide fresh, nourishing foods for those living in Beltrami County and the Bemidji School District.

Organization history

The Bemidji Food Shelf is a nonprofit (IRS Reg. 501c3) organization founded during the summer of 1982. Realizing that the need was greater than any one church could handle, a group of twelve churches joined hands. A board of directors with representatives from each of the churches was formed. In addition, individuals from each of the churches were asked to become contact people for their congregations to keep them informed of the needs and services of the food shelf, and to collection and deliver donations to the food shelf. The food shelf now has 18 member churches.

Board of Directors

A Board of Directors from member churches meets monthly.  Everyone is welcome.  Call BCFS for more information.

Executive Board

The Executive Committee, consisting of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Coordinator meets regularly with the Interviewers to coordinate and to direct day-to-day management of BCFS.

Strategic Planning Task Force

Spring 2016 Plan

BCFS Interviews:

Lakeland Public Television Interview with BCFS Executive Director, Mary Mitchell and Hannah Klemm, Farm Manager.  Please watch by clicking here.

PRX Audio Story.  Please listen by clicking here.